Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Root Canal

I had a root canal done yesterday, with the help of enough medication that I probably couldn't have told you my name if asked. I can give birth totally unmedicated, but have convinced myself that it is necessary to be drugged in order to visit the dentist. And I have a wonderful dentist.....I like him ALOT!! He's great with the entire family. Unfortunately I had to "pump and dump" the liquid gold (breastmilk) during the time that I was under the influence. I HATE to dump my milk. I really am very sensitive about that. I just feel that it is too nutritious and too beneficial to be discarding it. Nonetheless, I survived, my mouth is still a little sore and even though I really like my dentist, I hope after my follow up appt., I won't be seeing him for a very long time:)

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