Sunday, June 7, 2009

51 Things About ME

1. I'm happily married to my rock
2. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius
3. I was born in Washington, DC
4. I've given birth to 5 children
5. I love fresh flowers
6. I LOVE photography
7. I am a birth doula
8. I'm terrified of the dentist
9. "Imitation of Life" is one of my favorite movies
10. I love to travel
11. Retail therapy is my downfall
12. I love to receive mail & packages at my house
13. I have a shih tzu
14. I have a brother and 2 sisters (that I know about:)
15. I prefer Pepsi but love a McDonald's coke
16. I LOVE reading
17. Am ready to relocate
18. Consider myself a "weak" swimmer
19. Thoroughly enjoy watching "24" with Jack Bauer
20. Am never motivated to exercise
21. Am a damn good mother
22. Think Don Cheadle is an excellent actor
23. Enjoy browsing through model homes
24. Gave birth at home as a waterbirth
25. I breastfeed and am PROUD of it
26. I LOVE good movies
27. I enjoy spending time with "like-minded" people
28. Am very real, a straight shooter, very blunt...I don't sugarcoat
29. Am blessed
30. Despise cigarette smoke
31. Have 2 tattoos
32. I try to treat people the way that I want to be treated
33. Love genuine people
34. I love helping others
35. I have "locs" and love that my hair is natural
36. Want to visit all 50 states
37. Enjoy scrapbooking
38. Make jewelry
39. Wish my kids grew up "back in the day" so they'd be exposed to healthier foods, less pollutants, better music, being more respectful and less technology
40. Love organization, but am disorganized
41. Love laughing
42. Am a "birth junkie"
43. Have a blended family
44. Eat entirely too many "thin mint" girl scout cookies
45. Want the genocide in Darfur to end
46. Enjoy strawberry shortcake
47. "Action speaks louder than words" is one of my favorite sayings
48. Am a "Operation Special Delivery" birth doula volunteer
49. Think flying coach is uncomfortable
50. Never played sports growing up
51. Am a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom)

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  1. I, too, am terrified of the dentist! Thanks for sharing . . . I read all of your blogs and enjoyed them thoroughly! :o)